Crane Operator Training Columbus

Crane Operator Training School Columbus

Are you ready to make a change? A change that will secure your future? Have you always had operating an excavator or a bulldozer in the back of your mind? Today, you’re going to get the chance of a lifetime. Take a look at a school in Columbus that’s offering Heavy equipment operator training for men and women who may have just gotten out of the military or who’ve just lost a job with a company that went out of business. It doesn’t matter what reason you’re wanting to make that change. When you click the link that will lead you to information about the training, you’ll see financial aid is available right now in many different forms.

For military personnel, you can receive $120 a week for housing. As you attend school, you’ll be sure of having a nice, comfortable place to stay. The total amount a student can receive is $2040. Depending on when you entered the service, tuition payments totaling over $19,000 are available through the Post 9/11 GI Bill. The Montgomery Bill also ensures monthly payments are received by pre-911 military personnel. This is great for the students wanting to attend who are as far away as Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, or any of middle America. As you view the website, you’ll find there are classes in crane operator training, compactor, mobile crane, semi trucks, loaders, backhoes, scrapers, and graders. You’re going to learn how to run all of them while you’re at school.

Upon graduation, you’re going to receive the coveted heavy equipment certification that is so valuable. Your certification means a better quality of life and a life style change for most men and women. The future looks brighter, as though the whole world is at your fingertips. Look into the financing and apply for the training you’ve been wanting for such a long time. There are other forms of financial aid available, including Tribal Education, Trade Adjustment Act, Displaced Farmers, Displaced Workers, and more. Remember, a grant is something very important. You don’t need to repay a grant, but you do need to apply for it. Whether you’re a military person getting a new start, or someone who knows they can excel at something wonderful, the school is there for you.

Click the “contact us” button to find out when the next classes are starting. You can enjoy a Happy New Year, for sure, when you know in a few short weeks you’re going to have a certificate stating you can operate heavy equipment or drive a huge semi down the highways. Think of the countryside you’re going to get to see and the freedom that awaits you when you graduate. You will also be able to get a job improving the highways, operate a fork lift in a manufacturing facility, or operate a crane on a construction site. There are any number of jobs you’ll qualify for with the training you’re going to receive.

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